19 December 2012

Mairead had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

As of November 30, Mairead is now one year old! It seems like it was such a long time ago that she was born and at the same time it has been no time at all. Kind of odd how that seems to happen. While we were up in Salt Lake for Thanksgiving we had a little party with my family and a few friends since we don't have family down here with us. It was a fun time and Mairead enjoyed it. Her presents were mainly books (which she loves) and she mostly ate only frosting on her cake, but got pretty messy from that anyhow. And now . . . pictures.

Mostly ready for the party.

She got a tiny baby doll in a crocheted little basket. She likes it.

Opening her quilt.

Another present. Little stuffed puppy from my aunt.

Content after opening presents.

Trying to decide if it is okay to eat the cake.

After a while of her sticking her fingers in the frosting and licking them we cut a piece of the cake for her. She ate a tiny bit of the actual cake, but mainly just enjoyed the frosting.

Messy face! She also had frosting all up and down her arms.
On her actually birthday the next week Ked came home from work with a donut for her. She was very excited but didn't eat much of it. Licked some of the frosting off, but that's it.

In other news, at Mairead's one year check-up she weighed 18 1/2 lbs and was about 28 inches long. She has been cutting three more teeth lately, one more on the top and two more on the bottom. She's started pulling herself up to stand a bunch more. And she's started talking! She is still constantly babbling but she says two words as well. "Daddy" and "Hi!" It's pretty cute and we're excited to see what her next word will be. Her hair is also long enough that I have put it into little pigtails a few times and she looks super cute!

Sucking on the candy cane she got from Santa at the ward Christmas party while mom does the dishes.
Other happenings from our lives these last few weeks:
-We had the stomach flu. Those were not fun days.
-Ked finished his classes for the semester after spending hours drawing and painting the last few weeks. We are enjoying the break from the stress of projects.
-We finally got snow yesterday and it feels like Christmas is really here!

13 November 2012

Stone Soup

This is going to be a fairly random and scattered post, mostly pictures from the highlights of our past weeks and mostly Halloween and Mairead.

Ked found a huge black widow outside the other day and took a picture of it next to a ruler so you can see how huge it really was. Very creepy looking.
I finished Mairead's quilt. She is going to get it for her birthday which is coming up very quickly. I quilted it on my sewing machine, sort of free motion quilting, and it didn't turn out too bad considering it was my first one. I went somewhat along the seams of the blocks and then a few wavy lines through them as well. As long as you don't actually look closely at the stitches and notice that they are all different sizes it looks nice. 
Here it is just before I finished sewing the binding by hand. It has a yellow and white striped flannel on the back.
This is a library we saw in Bountiful. I thought it looked super cool and so I took a picture.
This picture is from the Livestock festival. We missed the parade with the sheep running down Main Street since Mairead was a little stuffy and taking a nap, but we took her to the fairgrounds place to see the animals. She wasn't afraid at all and petted these huge horses and some sheep. We were a little disappointed because there weren't as many animals as last year.
 As for Halloween, the Friday before our ward had a party and that is what we dressed up for. We went as a Safari since my mom found an elephant costume for Mairead on a good deal. Ked the Lion, Mairead the Elephant, and Madeleine the Safari Guide(hunter?). Mairead was the cutest elephant and was very well-behaved even though she stayed up two hours past her bedtime.
The super cute elephant

The whole safari

Apparently elephants stick out their tongues. Mairead has recently started doing this quite a bit.

On actual Halloween day things weren't too exciting. Ked had a big project due the next day and so he was up working on that all night. We had eight trick-or-treaters and gave Mairead a special bath with some orange foamy soap. Ked tried to give her an orange pumpkin dress with it but she kept trying to eat it. We celebrated a bit more for Halloween the next day by eating mummy pigs in a blanket things and watching a Halloween movie.
With a foamy nose after she tried to stuff it in her mouth the first time
Now for more on Mairead. Her two top teeth are slowly coming down but I haven't managed to get a picture of them yet. She is crawling around like crazy and has learned how to climb up the stairs. Her first bleeding injury happened just the other day when she was climbing the stairs. She slipped and slid down a stair or two and ended up biting her lip pretty bad, but it is healing very well. She is starting to pull herself up to a standing position and move around a tiny bit that way. The last few weeks she has had a bit of a cold and stuffy nose and is just starting to sleep through the night again. She has developed quite the big belly and her hair is growing pretty fast though mostly in the back. So now she has somewhat of a mullet, but it is a bit curly and not too bad. She has started jabbering like crazy and has everyone at church (especially in Relief Society) charmed with her cuteness. And now, on to the pictures.
Crazy hair starting to appear

Wearing her had from Aunt Elise

We like to call these pajamas her Thneed (from Dr. Suess' The Lorax)

Some curls in the back

Cute face after her bath

These pajamas have shown us just how adorable she looks in blue. Look at those eyes! We decided we need to find her some more blue clothes

Having fun in the leaves while mom rakes

Dressed up for church

I put this on her last Sunday to see if it fit and was surprised that it still did since it is a 3-6 month. She wore it last I think in March and she was a little young for such a fancy dress. I'm glad it still fits!

19 September 2012


Here's a little update on what we've all been doing since the last post:

Ked has started classes again for the semester. He has three studio classes (painting, life drawing, and drawing 3) which means a lot of projects. All those projects are keeping him pretty busy. If he does anything he really likes I'll get him to post it up on the blog.

I (Madeleine) have been sewing quite a bit. Quilting to be exact. While I was up in Salt Lake staying with my parents after my eye procedure I helped my sister make a quilt out of my old t-shirts. While there I caught the quilting bug and got fabric to make Ked a small Halloween quilt since it is his favorite holiday. After I was just about done with the top I found a great deal on some cute fabric online for a quilt for Mairead (either for her birthday or Christmas) so I've made the top of that too. As of right now I have two quilt tops and some fabric for the backing but I still need to get batting and put them all together. They are super simple patterns, but I like them. Here are some not-very-good-quality phone pictures of the finished quilt tops:

Ked's Halloween quilt

Mairead's first quilt from Mama
Mairead continues to be an adorable happy little girl. She's really started to crawl now and is getting better at it every day. She's continuing to grow but is still a little thing. At her last doctor appointment (9 months) she weighed 16.5 lbs and was almost 27 inches tall. Recently she has started clapping and jabbering a lot. She loves books (especially turning pages) and will almost always play with a book even if there are a bunch of other toys around. She makes us laugh and smile all the time. Here are a few pictures of her from my phone since I haven't been very diligent at taking pictures with the camera. It seems as if whenever I get it out Mairead would rather play with it than continue whatever cute thing she was doing that made me get it out in the first place.

Helping Mama with the laundry

Reading a book at the library with Dad

Cute smile and her 2 teeth

08 August 2012

Top Events from Recent Weeks

1. Thunderstorms. Lately it seems that just about every day the clouds form and in the afternoon and evening threaten a storm, which most often comes. A few times it hasn't rained, but usually it does at least a little bit. A week or so ago we had a few downpours as well. Once it was raining so hard we could barely see the school across the street in our backyard. Pretty crazy. All this rain has been giving Ked more work also since a few storage rooms always seem to flood at SUU in the building he works custodial in.

2. We went to Zion National Park again. This time with Ked's sister Abi and her family as a last hurrah since they were moving away from us. We didn't do a ton of hiking but it was good to spend time with them and enjoy the scenery.

Me on the trail. Funny thing; I wore this same outfit when Ked and I went to Zion two years ago just before we got engaged.
Ked and Mairead



3. Mairead update: She is just over 8 months now and is as cute as ever! She has started sleeping through the night again which is much appreciated. She still isn't crawling, but mostly prefers to sit and observe and occasionally stretch to reach toys she wants. She likes it a lot when we stand her up and has even stood by herself for a second or so at a time. Who knows, maybe she will skip the crawling thing and just start walking around.

She has started sleeping like this and in other varying positions as she moves around in her sleep. For a while she was sleeping on her tummy all the time which was a little odd since she hated tummy time. She likes it now.
She likes to play around with her pacifier way more than actually suck on it so recently she's mainly only had it for naps and bedtime.
Last week on Sunday Mairead was looking super adorable so I had a mini photo-shoot with her in her room. You can see in the pictures that her hair has been growing and is even showing some sign of curls. She's a cutie.

She started to put her head to the side when she was looking closer at something. Now she does it all the time when she is looking at us and it is very adorable.

17 July 2012

Top Five Events of the Last Few Weeks

Well, eventually I may actually get around to posting weekly updates but for now this will have to do.

1.  I cut my hair. I donated 12 inches to Locks of Love and now my hair is about shoulder length and quite a bit more bouncy.

2. My family came into town and we had quite a bit of fun in the great outdoors. They came into town on Wednesday the 4th, we went swimming at Sand Hollow on Thursday, and then hiking around Zion National Park on Friday and Saturday (although half of my family stayed in Cedar on Saturday to recuperate from Friday). Most of my sisters went back up to Salt Lake on Sunday so they could work the next day, but my parents and 2 siblings stayed a few more days to take me up north for my eye surgery/procedure thing (more to come on that next). Ked and I were able to run away a few times to spend some quality time together and it was very much appreciated.

Family picture in Zion at Weeping Rock

Mairead loved the shuttle in Zion. She also enjoys eating straps to things. Below is a video of her and some of the view as we hiked Angel's Landing on Saturday. She was talking up a storm but of course stopped as soon as the camera turned on. At least she still looks happy.

Some of the view from Scout's Looking almost all the way up the trail to Angel's Landing. We didn't go the last half mile on the chains because it was pretty busy and that makes it more difficult and take longer. You can see the little puff that is my hair in a ponytail now that I cut it.

3.  I had eye surgery. A few months ago during a routine visit to the eye doctor at Costco for a new prescription and contacts they discovered that I have keratoconus (a degeneration of the structure of the cornea) in my left eye. I was told to go to an ophthalmologist for corneal topography to be sure of the diagnosis and it came back positive. This doctor recommended a new procedure called corneal cross-linking that stops the progression of the condition (otherwise it can progress and eventually lead to a cornea transplant). So, I went to another doctor up north and had the procedure done. I was a bit apprehensive about it, especially because Ked wasn't there with me (he stayed in Cedar so he could go to scout camp). However, it was much easier than I was anticipating and it was good that I was able to stay with my family and have them take care of me and Mairead.

4. Ked went to scout camp. I don't have a lot of details about the camp since I obviously wasn't there, but Ked said it was better than he anticipated. I do know they had a tug of war (leaders vs. boys) over a creek and the leaders lost and ended up in the water. It didn't rain nearly as much as was forecast which was a benefit, but because of the extreme fire danger here in Utah they weren't able to have fire.

5. Mairead is growing and changing a bunch! Over the course of a few days she started babbling and then I noticed that she was getting her two bottom teeth. It seemed like all of a sudden my baby wasn't such a baby anymore. I feel like I can see a lot more of her personality now and she and I are little buddies. She seems to respond more to conversation which is fun, I feel like she is actually understanding quite a bit of what I say to her. She's not crawling yet, but she probably could if she put her mind to it seeing as how she is very wiggly and tries to move all over getting to the things that she wants, just not by crawling. She is very curious to see and grab (and put in her mouth) everything around her. She was a champ over these past few weeks being so off her schedule and loved all the extra attention at Grandma and Grandpa Krauel's house.

This is how Mairead likes to spend her time after she eats dinner. Leaning back in her seat with her feet up eating her toes.

Cute smile!

She has started doing these closed mouth smiles now. Very adorable.

Looking adorable while she wears some cute pj's from her Aunt Kimberly

The following are videos of Mairead babbling and using a paper towel tube as a horn.