27 June 2012

Top Events of the Past Two Years

So we have a blog. During the construction of said blog, I came across the word hebdomadal which means weekly. It also happens to start with the letter 'h' which fits quite well with Hamblin and happenings (what can I say, I like alliteration). It also corresponds to a good format for my posts, writing weekly updates on the top events in our lives. Since we are a little late in jumping on the band wagon I thought I would start out with a post highlighting the top events of the past two years (or really 1 2/3 since I am starting with when we got married). Here they are:

1. We got married. October 8, 2010. It was a great day.
2. We moved down to Cedar City from Provo in July 2011. Ked started taking art classes at SUU and working. I worked for a few months until . . .
3. Mairead was born November 30, 2011.

I think that covers the major events. More recent and detailed updates to follow. Hopefully in a hebdomadal fashion.

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