01 July 2012

Adventurer Marionette

This is the plywood body with fully functioning joints. I re-made some of the legs and arms several times to get the joints right. In the future I would like to completely carve one from wood. I later covered this with foam to add bulk.

My first head made of sculpey. I re-sculpted because I needed a better core. For the core I drilled holes in a golf ball and ran wire through. Then clay was wrapped around and my new head sculpted. After firing and painting I attached the strings to the wires coming out of the head. I did the core this way so the strings would pull on the core and not on the actual sculpey.

I liked my first head better, but oh well. Here is the final painting job.

All in all he is over a foot tall. Madeleine and I sewed pants, shirt, and vest. We tried using some leather to make a leather coat, but it wasn't working so we left the arms off and he has a vest instead. I need to make new hands and maybe a new vest to have him be the way I want him, but this was enough for class.

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