08 August 2012

Top Events from Recent Weeks

1. Thunderstorms. Lately it seems that just about every day the clouds form and in the afternoon and evening threaten a storm, which most often comes. A few times it hasn't rained, but usually it does at least a little bit. A week or so ago we had a few downpours as well. Once it was raining so hard we could barely see the school across the street in our backyard. Pretty crazy. All this rain has been giving Ked more work also since a few storage rooms always seem to flood at SUU in the building he works custodial in.

2. We went to Zion National Park again. This time with Ked's sister Abi and her family as a last hurrah since they were moving away from us. We didn't do a ton of hiking but it was good to spend time with them and enjoy the scenery.

Me on the trail. Funny thing; I wore this same outfit when Ked and I went to Zion two years ago just before we got engaged.
Ked and Mairead



3. Mairead update: She is just over 8 months now and is as cute as ever! She has started sleeping through the night again which is much appreciated. She still isn't crawling, but mostly prefers to sit and observe and occasionally stretch to reach toys she wants. She likes it a lot when we stand her up and has even stood by herself for a second or so at a time. Who knows, maybe she will skip the crawling thing and just start walking around.

She has started sleeping like this and in other varying positions as she moves around in her sleep. For a while she was sleeping on her tummy all the time which was a little odd since she hated tummy time. She likes it now.
She likes to play around with her pacifier way more than actually suck on it so recently she's mainly only had it for naps and bedtime.
Last week on Sunday Mairead was looking super adorable so I had a mini photo-shoot with her in her room. You can see in the pictures that her hair has been growing and is even showing some sign of curls. She's a cutie.

She started to put her head to the side when she was looking closer at something. Now she does it all the time when she is looking at us and it is very adorable.