19 September 2012


Here's a little update on what we've all been doing since the last post:

Ked has started classes again for the semester. He has three studio classes (painting, life drawing, and drawing 3) which means a lot of projects. All those projects are keeping him pretty busy. If he does anything he really likes I'll get him to post it up on the blog.

I (Madeleine) have been sewing quite a bit. Quilting to be exact. While I was up in Salt Lake staying with my parents after my eye procedure I helped my sister make a quilt out of my old t-shirts. While there I caught the quilting bug and got fabric to make Ked a small Halloween quilt since it is his favorite holiday. After I was just about done with the top I found a great deal on some cute fabric online for a quilt for Mairead (either for her birthday or Christmas) so I've made the top of that too. As of right now I have two quilt tops and some fabric for the backing but I still need to get batting and put them all together. They are super simple patterns, but I like them. Here are some not-very-good-quality phone pictures of the finished quilt tops:

Ked's Halloween quilt

Mairead's first quilt from Mama
Mairead continues to be an adorable happy little girl. She's really started to crawl now and is getting better at it every day. She's continuing to grow but is still a little thing. At her last doctor appointment (9 months) she weighed 16.5 lbs and was almost 27 inches tall. Recently she has started clapping and jabbering a lot. She loves books (especially turning pages) and will almost always play with a book even if there are a bunch of other toys around. She makes us laugh and smile all the time. Here are a few pictures of her from my phone since I haven't been very diligent at taking pictures with the camera. It seems as if whenever I get it out Mairead would rather play with it than continue whatever cute thing she was doing that made me get it out in the first place.

Helping Mama with the laundry

Reading a book at the library with Dad

Cute smile and her 2 teeth