13 November 2012

Stone Soup

This is going to be a fairly random and scattered post, mostly pictures from the highlights of our past weeks and mostly Halloween and Mairead.

Ked found a huge black widow outside the other day and took a picture of it next to a ruler so you can see how huge it really was. Very creepy looking.
I finished Mairead's quilt. She is going to get it for her birthday which is coming up very quickly. I quilted it on my sewing machine, sort of free motion quilting, and it didn't turn out too bad considering it was my first one. I went somewhat along the seams of the blocks and then a few wavy lines through them as well. As long as you don't actually look closely at the stitches and notice that they are all different sizes it looks nice. 
Here it is just before I finished sewing the binding by hand. It has a yellow and white striped flannel on the back.
This is a library we saw in Bountiful. I thought it looked super cool and so I took a picture.
This picture is from the Livestock festival. We missed the parade with the sheep running down Main Street since Mairead was a little stuffy and taking a nap, but we took her to the fairgrounds place to see the animals. She wasn't afraid at all and petted these huge horses and some sheep. We were a little disappointed because there weren't as many animals as last year.
 As for Halloween, the Friday before our ward had a party and that is what we dressed up for. We went as a Safari since my mom found an elephant costume for Mairead on a good deal. Ked the Lion, Mairead the Elephant, and Madeleine the Safari Guide(hunter?). Mairead was the cutest elephant and was very well-behaved even though she stayed up two hours past her bedtime.
The super cute elephant

The whole safari

Apparently elephants stick out their tongues. Mairead has recently started doing this quite a bit.

On actual Halloween day things weren't too exciting. Ked had a big project due the next day and so he was up working on that all night. We had eight trick-or-treaters and gave Mairead a special bath with some orange foamy soap. Ked tried to give her an orange pumpkin dress with it but she kept trying to eat it. We celebrated a bit more for Halloween the next day by eating mummy pigs in a blanket things and watching a Halloween movie.
With a foamy nose after she tried to stuff it in her mouth the first time
Now for more on Mairead. Her two top teeth are slowly coming down but I haven't managed to get a picture of them yet. She is crawling around like crazy and has learned how to climb up the stairs. Her first bleeding injury happened just the other day when she was climbing the stairs. She slipped and slid down a stair or two and ended up biting her lip pretty bad, but it is healing very well. She is starting to pull herself up to a standing position and move around a tiny bit that way. The last few weeks she has had a bit of a cold and stuffy nose and is just starting to sleep through the night again. She has developed quite the big belly and her hair is growing pretty fast though mostly in the back. So now she has somewhat of a mullet, but it is a bit curly and not too bad. She has started jabbering like crazy and has everyone at church (especially in Relief Society) charmed with her cuteness. And now, on to the pictures.
Crazy hair starting to appear

Wearing her had from Aunt Elise

We like to call these pajamas her Thneed (from Dr. Suess' The Lorax)

Some curls in the back

Cute face after her bath

These pajamas have shown us just how adorable she looks in blue. Look at those eyes! We decided we need to find her some more blue clothes

Having fun in the leaves while mom rakes

Dressed up for church

I put this on her last Sunday to see if it fit and was surprised that it still did since it is a 3-6 month. She wore it last I think in March and she was a little young for such a fancy dress. I'm glad it still fits!