19 December 2012

Mairead had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

As of November 30, Mairead is now one year old! It seems like it was such a long time ago that she was born and at the same time it has been no time at all. Kind of odd how that seems to happen. While we were up in Salt Lake for Thanksgiving we had a little party with my family and a few friends since we don't have family down here with us. It was a fun time and Mairead enjoyed it. Her presents were mainly books (which she loves) and she mostly ate only frosting on her cake, but got pretty messy from that anyhow. And now . . . pictures.

Mostly ready for the party.

She got a tiny baby doll in a crocheted little basket. She likes it.

Opening her quilt.

Another present. Little stuffed puppy from my aunt.

Content after opening presents.

Trying to decide if it is okay to eat the cake.

After a while of her sticking her fingers in the frosting and licking them we cut a piece of the cake for her. She ate a tiny bit of the actual cake, but mainly just enjoyed the frosting.

Messy face! She also had frosting all up and down her arms.
On her actually birthday the next week Ked came home from work with a donut for her. She was very excited but didn't eat much of it. Licked some of the frosting off, but that's it.

In other news, at Mairead's one year check-up she weighed 18 1/2 lbs and was about 28 inches long. She has been cutting three more teeth lately, one more on the top and two more on the bottom. She's started pulling herself up to stand a bunch more. And she's started talking! She is still constantly babbling but she says two words as well. "Daddy" and "Hi!" It's pretty cute and we're excited to see what her next word will be. Her hair is also long enough that I have put it into little pigtails a few times and she looks super cute!

Sucking on the candy cane she got from Santa at the ward Christmas party while mom does the dishes.
Other happenings from our lives these last few weeks:
-We had the stomach flu. Those were not fun days.
-Ked finished his classes for the semester after spending hours drawing and painting the last few weeks. We are enjoying the break from the stress of projects.
-We finally got snow yesterday and it feels like Christmas is really here!