02 April 2013

In case you've been wondering . . .

Here's what we've been up to the past few months!

-We spent Christmas with my family up in Salt Lake ( I know, Christmas was ages ago! Clearly I am a slacker at keeping up with the blog). Unfortunately we didn't take many pictures (aka just the one under this paragraph) but it was fun. Mairead was of course spoiled way too much but she loved opening presents. She would get a smile after opening each one and say "Ooh!" It was fun.
Mairead and Ked on Christmas morning
 - Mairead played in snow for the first time and a few times after that. She really liked it and it was fun to watch her try to move around in her snow pants and big puffy coat.
Daddy showing Mairead how to make a snowball.

And now we jump to Spring because I didn't take many pictures after that . . .

- We have been enjoying the nicer weather by being outside more. We've gone to the park a few times and Mairead loves swinging! She sometimes likes to go down the slide with me or Ked but is still getting used to it.

 -We've gone to Zion National Park three more times using our pass. First, we went with a former roommate of mine for the day in February and had fun, but forgot to take pictures. It was different to be there in the winter when the shuttles aren't running and there aren't a billion people. We saw some guys rock climbing up a cliff which was cool. We enjoyed driving through the canyon looking at all the scenery. It really seems like a different view when you are in your own car instead of a big shuttle bus. Also, we discovered the Archaeology trail is really lame.  The second time we planned to hike the Hidden Canyon trail but accidentally forgot the hiking backpack to put Mairead in so we had to do lesser hikes that we could carry her in our arms on. We went up to Weeping Rock and then on the Emerald Pools trail. It was fun.  The last time was just this past weekend and we went on the Hidden Canyon trail. It was very cool and fun. Unfortunately we didn't take too many pictures of the actual canyon but you should look it up. It is gorgeous! The park was a lot busier this time. The shuttles have just recently started up again for the busier season.
A picture looking out from Weeping Rock.

Carrying Mairead on the Emerald Pools trail.

Life is much better with a baby backpack!

Chains on one of the more intense parts of the Hidden Canyon trail.

Looking out and down from a part of the Hidden Canyon trail.
 - We went up to Salt Lake for the last part of Ked's spring break to spend some time with my sister before she left on her mission and to hear her speak in her single's ward. We were also able to meet up with Ked's sister Abigail and her family and spend the day with them at the Church History Museum and go to the top of the Church Office Building. On one of the nights after Mairead went to bed, Ked, my sister Mariah, and I went out to the Salt Lake and walked around a bit. We saw a bunch of rocks off in the distance and decided to explore and see if we could reach them by walking along the shore. Ked made it there (he's the tiny person in the picture):
 But Mariah and I didn't. Instead I was walking in a place that was somewhat unstable and sunk in the sandy stuff up to my ankles. It was a good thing Mariah was there to help me out because I kept sinking down when I would try to get my feet out.
My footprints
-While we were up there my family took pictures and we finally got a Hamblin family picture. It was about time. The last one was from our Christmas Card just after Mairead was born.
Our family

Cute girl
 -I made some matching skirts and hair clips for Mairead and two of my former roommates (who also happen to be sisters) little girls. I won some fabric on a blog and wanted to do something fun with it. I think they turned out cute.
 -And now, for the Mairead update. She just turned 16 months and I can't believe how big and old she seems. She is growing up so fast! She now pretty much has a mouthful of teeth, four in front on the top and bottom and all four of her first molars too. She still isn't walking on her own even though she loves walking holding on to our hands and could do it on her own if she tried. I flip back and forth between wanting her to walk and being grateful that she doesn't yet.  Even though she isn't walking, it seems as if she is talking constantly. She is always jabbering about something and although I am not very good at keeping track of the words she says she does say a lot of them. For a while she referred to all adults as "daddy," all children as "baby," and all animals as "doggy." She still does it a little bit, but not quite as much. From off the top of my head she also says walk, mommy, hi, hello, pretty, and a bunch of other things that I can't recall right now. I'm sure she is also trying to say things that we just don't understand as well. She is still a very happy child although occasionally she will get whiny if she doesn't get everything she wants. She is very fun and silly and she makes us laugh a lot. We're lucky to have her.

Three pictures of dress-up fun with Dad:
Wearing a cap

Construction worker Mairead

Pilot Mairead

 What her face looks like after Mom lets her lick the sour cream spoon

Playing with a balloon hat leftover from the Relief Society birthday party

Crazy hair after naptime at my parents house. My mom has crystals in the front window that make rainbows all over the room when the sun comes in and Mairead loved them. She called them "bobo."