10 July 2013

Randomness and Pictures

I decided I just needed to post this quick or else it wouldn't get done at all!

Naturally, as soon as I posted last time about Mairead's not walking yet she decided to start walking the next day. Since it's been a few months she is really good at it and has even started running some. She has started talking a ton more as well. She will say just about anything we tell her to and she uses too many words for me to count.

Ked's parents sent this hat for his birthday and we decided to try the fake hair out on Mairead.

 This was the first time she became possessive of items, little pieces of paper from an origami star one of the young men in Ked's class made.

 We spilled gasoline in the back of the car and had an adventure taking everything out to get the carpet out and clean it. It probably hasn't been that clean for quite some time.

 One of my former roommates, Natalie, and her family came down for a few days and we went hiking in Zion. It was a lot of fun, but we were really bad at taking pictures. Didn't get any of us all together and I only got these few of us.

It's been hot so Mairead played with some water in a little makeshift pool. Not much water stayed in it but she mostly liked playing with the hose anyway so it worked just fine. :)

Mairead really likes to help me do things around the house.  Here she is helping make breadsticks.

 And again, sweeping the floor in my fuzzy socks that she loves to wear. She also helps me to unload the dishwasher. She pulls everything out from the bottom rack and gives it to me to put away.

 She loves accessories.  Glasses, necklaces, shoes, purses, bracelets, etc. It's pretty cute.

 Eating an otter pop on a hot summer day.

Wearing an apron hanging out at my Grandma's house when we went up for a job interview.

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