08 November 2013


October was a fun month. The main fun things were a trip to the pumpkin patch and Halloween.

One Monday for Family Home Evening we decided to go to a pumpkin patch in Springville that I had heard of.  A major plus was that all the activities were free. We went just after Ked got home from work so we made it there just a little after 3, which was good because by the time we were ready to leave an hour or so later it had gotten a TON busier with all the kids being home from school and such. They had two hay mazes; one super tall for the older kids and another only a few feet high for the younger kids. Mairead had fun in both of them. They also had a little petting zoo thing (a few animals in pens), a tall pyramid of hay bales, pit of corn for the kids to play in with a few pipe slides, a hay ride pulled by a tractor, and of course pumpkins with wagons to pull around as you look for your pumpkin. Mairead loved all of it and we had fun for quite some time. We're definitely planning on going back next year, and hopefully more than once.

We had a ward Halloween party the night before Halloween where we had dinner and then the youth had put together activities for the kids to rotate through. It was a little crazy because our church is pretty small with narrow halls and doors that open out, but we had a fun time. Mairead was a ladybug, Ked was a pirate, and I wore a bunch of random brown and green clothes so that I would look autumn-y or something. On actual Halloween the next day we carved our pumpkins after Ked got home from work and then ate dinner and hung out at my Aunt's house. Mairead was a giraffe on Halloween day. Ked had been a pirate all day at work and so he was just himself for the evening and so was I. We tried to take Mairead trick-or-treating around her neighborhood but apparently we tried to early and no one opened their doors. After a few houses we went back to my Aunt's house and watched Monsters University which was really cute. By then it was just about time to go home and put Mairead to bed so we drove home and did one last trick-or-treat stop at our upstairs neighbors/landlords. Mairead got a handful of candy and we came home to a full bowl of candy that we had left on our doorstep for trick-or-treaters that we apparently didn't have. Oh, well. It was a fun time.

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