08 January 2014


 December was a fun month, obviously busy with all the comings and goings involved in the Christmas season.

1. We went to our ward Christmas party. There was a dinner, all the presidencies sang karaoke, and Santa came to visit. It was a fun time. Mairead wouldn't sit on Santa's lap, but she did get close enough to him to get a Christmas tree sucker because she loves suckers.

2. We found out we're having another baby girl due May 3rd (so obviously this means I'm pregnant). The first few months of the pregnancy were pretty rough with morning sickness, but luckily that time has passed. We're excited for Mairead to have a sister, but we are having a difficult time finding a name for this new baby girl.

3. Mairead played in the snow for the first real time (last year she only was in the snow a tiny bit). She got all dressed up (and looked like a marshmallow) and we played in the backyard. She also went out one night with Ked and just walked around in the new snow a bit. She loves snow!

4. We went up to Salt Lake on the Frontrunner train to see the lights on Temple Square, go to City Creek, and have a fun family night. Mairead loved the train (part of the reason why we took it). She also enjoyed the lights, but it was super cold and we wanted to get back home before it was too late after her bedtime, so we only walked around to see them for a little while.

This is our family picture (taken on the sky bridge at City Creek)  for Christmas/New Years cards that if we ever get around to printing we'll send to our family and friends.

5. I sewed up a few things now that I've been feeling better and got my sewing area a little bit organized (shared with Ked and his art). Some of the women in the ward got together for a Christmas decoration exchange party so I made a little tree wall-hanging for that event. I tried making a little black knit skirt for Mairead from an old t-shirt and it worked out, but it will probably not really fit her until she is 4 or 5. I thought I got all the measurements correct, but I think that the fabric was just too thin and stretchy for a beginner sew-ist (or -er, or something else altogether,  I don't know what is correct). It worked for her to wear as long as I safety-pinned it at the waist. :)

6. We enjoyed most of the Christmas holidays with my family up in Salt Lake. We also were able to be sick with a nasty virus for that entire week, with Mairead being the most sick. All of the changes to her schedule and late nights didn't help so it was a pretty rough week with quite a few nights of not much sleep. It was really sad to see her so sick. She was the most ornery she has ever been and only wanted me to do anything for her and to be with her all the time. We were very happy when we got our cute and energetic Mairead back.

Mairead with a cheesy face while eating Christmas Eve cheeseball.

7. The day after Chrismas we had a big party with Ked's family. His parents and all of his siblings except for his brother in Maine were there, so it was pretty exciting. Mairead was feeling a little better that day so she enjoyed playing with cousins and we had a good time eating dinner and visiting with family.

8. After a few days back at home we went back up to my parents' for New Years. Mairead was just about back to normal at this point so it was a much more enjoyable stay than the previous week. I was planning on going to bed at 10 because I don't do well at staying up late but then we played Phase 10 which ended up lasting about four hours and keeping us up until just about midnight. We rang in the New Year by listening to the fireworks go off in the neighborhood and then promptly went to bed. :)

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