04 January 2014


 November was a pretty fun month for us. It started out warm and ended out cold and here is the list of a few things we did.

1. We went on a hike up Dry Canyon in Lindon. I remembered it being much less steep than it actually is so it was quite an adventure and we didn't go up to far. Mairead really enjoyed being outdoors and hiking but got tired quickly from all the uphill and so she would stop and look at the rocks and leaves. It was fun.

2. My parents watched Mairead for a few days for us so that I could get some organizing done around the house and Ked and I could go on a few dates after a few somewhat crazy months. We all had a good time. Mairead barely missed us at all (she usually doesn't even notice if we are there or not when visiting my parents house), I got a lot done, and we went to the temple, out to dinner, made yummy cashew chicken and sticky rice, etc.

3. We started our calling teaching CTR 6 in Primary (the 6-7 year old class in our church). Our class is energetic, but fun, and we are learning a lot about teaching little kids. We've been teaching teenagers for the last few years and haven't really been in Primary since we were kids. It's definitely been an adventure.

4. We went to the Sacred Gifts exhibit at BYU. It is a really cool exhibit that is showing religious art from Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz that comes from churches all over the world, some of it that is never going to be loaned out again. It was very good. Mairead enjoyed seeing all the pictures of Jesus. Anyone in the area should definitely go.

 5. We went on a family outing to Cabela's to see the fish and stuffed animals they have there. It just so happened that we were there when they were feeding the fish and that was very exciting. Mairead loved seeing all the animals and running around looking at everything. We also got free samples of fudge from their little general store which was delicous!

Sitting in front of the tree at Cabela's for a picture.

6. We spent Thanksgiving in Logan with a bunch of Ked's family. We stayed at his sister Kim's with her family and his parents and two of his brothers joined us for Thanksgiving. We had a delicious meal with tons of pies (which is my favorite part).

7. After Thanksgiving we spent a few days with my family and had a birthday party for Mairead. My family was there and Ked's parents and sister Abi and her family came as well. We had a good time eating pizza with lots of olives (Mairead's favorite) and monkey cupcakes. Ked's parents brought back some cool birthday candles from their mission (a flower that opens up with candles on the petals and plays the "Happy Birthday" song). We lit the candle and Mairead promptly got scared and started crying, which continued through us singing to her. It was sad and funny.

Monkey cupcakes with silly faces

Excited about her new baby doll. Affectionately called "New Baby" now. Her other baby is just "Baby."

Cupcake face!

8. Mairead is getting much more of a personality. Here are a few little things from the past months for your enjoyment:

  • Quite a few months ago we went to the BYU Creamery for dinner after going to the temple. Ked and I were finished with our food and eating ice cream and so naturally Mairead wanted some. We told her she had to finish eating her last bite of chicken before she could have some ice cream. After a minute or so we noticed that she had wadded up her napkin with the piece of chicken in it, apparently thinking we wouldn't notice that she hid it and give her ice cream anyway. I didn't even know that a not yet two-year-old would think like that!
  • Over the past few months she is becoming a little bit more aware at what is real and in the same place as her and what is just on a screen or in a picture, but there are a few funny things she did when she didn't understand as well. A couple of times skyping with friends she wanted to hug and kiss a baby she saw as well as play with toys that she saw in the background. She also often would see things in pictures in books and want to hold or play with them. Pretty cute.
  • When she gets a tissue and blows her own nose she puts the tissue up to her nose and then blows with her mouth to make the sound. Silly girl!
  • Her learning to count progression is kind of fun. She started out only saying 2 repeatedly for everything. This progressed to saying 3 . . . 6 . . . again and again to count. And then suddenly she started counting 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, and sometimes 18 at the end. She forgets the 1 because we say it for her a lot. The 5 and the 9 are in there occasionally and I have no idea why she started saying 12 and 18 because we haven't really counted to more than 10 that I can recall.
  • She likes to "swing" on the counter. She puts her hands on the edge of the counter top and then hangs there for a few seconds. She's got to have strong arms to do that!
  • She enjoys taking baths and has started to put her face in the water and blow bubbles.

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