09 March 2014

January and February

I need to be better at writing these posts in a timely manner because lately by the time I get around to it I realize that I've forgotten at least half of what I was going to write (even if I jotted little notes down). Here are some of the highlights of the last two months (with random pictures interspersed):

1. Once the new year began I have started organizing the house quite a bit more and getting things put away that had been in boxes for a long time while I was feeling sick. Other than the general constant organizing that takes place I only have Mairead/the baby's room left to really organize and I am hoping to get quite a but of that done this weekend. It has just been more difficult to organize in there since my prime organizing time is during naptime and obviously Mairead is in there napping at that time.

Pretending to take a nap with Daddy in the closet (notice the sticker in Mairead's hair, she LOVES stickers!)

2. Ked's sister Abigail and her girls came to stay with us and visit for a few days at the end of January. Unfortunately we got pretty sick while they were here so it wasn't as fun as we were hoping. It was nice to have Abi and the girls here to help with Mairead during the day while Ked was at work though.

One day we watched The Muppets for FHE and Mairead loved it. I put her hair in pin curls during it and then took them out. She definitely had crazy hair. Looks a lot like my hair at her age.

3. We had a fun and relaxing President's Day weekend. On Saturday we went on a drive out by Goshen and went on a little walk. We were going to go and play in some ruins that Ked knew were out there but ended up helping a couple that was stick in the mud (well, trying to help them until a guy with a big Jeep came and pulled them out) and by the time we got to the ruins there were a bunch of guys out there shooting. Probably not the best environment to be scrambling around in. :)  Monday morning they were having an awesome sale at Saver's (50% off clothes, shoes, and accessories) and so we got Mairead a few pairs of shoes in the size she will be growing into soon and some other things she and Ked (and the new baby) needed. It was pretty awesome.

This is a relatively new thing Mairead likes to do in the car. She takes off her shoes and socks in the car (that part isn't new) and then she chews on her socks and pretends to be a dinosaur or something. I wanted to document it and for some reason she stuck her hands up when I pulled out my phone to take a picture.

4. We're trying to be better at doing at least a weekly date night. We made a list of things (things we liked from a bunch of internet searches) that we can do at home after Mairead goes to bed. It's been fun. Our upstairs neighbors also offered to watch Mairead so we can go to the temple and we took them up on that one afternoon. Mairead had a blast playing with the kids upstairs and we had a good time too.

Silly girl playing dress up. Lots of times the crown is upside down too. :)

5. Mairead has been growing and changing like crazy! One of the biggest changes is that she is just about potty trained! She had been showing signs of being somewhat ready for quite a while and I finally got tired of fighting her while changing her and we just took the plunge. It was surprisingly much better than I had anticipated, but I know this means the next one will be more difficult I am sure.

Potty training day!

Other little fun and funny things about Mairead:

  • She does a funny thing when she counts. After counting to 10 (still usually skipping 9) she then counts twelve-een, sixteen, eighteen. Apparently she figured out about adding 'een' to the end of numbers and decided to use it on 12. 
  • She loves playing hide-and-go-seek and just hiding in general. One day after I was in the bathroom I came out and she was hiding in the dark in the storage room. The other day when I went to get her out of her bed from her nap she was hiding under a blanket. Silly girl.
  • She loves music and singing. She has started singing along a lot more when we sing songs to her and requesting some of her favorites. She especially loves primary songs. She has also started making up her own songs about things. Like just about every other young girl she also loves the music to Frozen. She's only seen little clips of it with the songs but she really enjoys it. Her favorite song is 'Let it Go' and she loves to run around the couch dancing and singing to it. It's pretty cute.
  • She still loves reading. She got a giraffe chair from my aunt for Christmas and loves to sit in it and read books to herself or various babies and stuffed animals. 
  • She's grown an inch or so in the last few weeks, but is still fairly short. Mostly she just has a long body and short legs. I measured her because I am going to try and make her some simple shirts and leggings for this spring and summer and her body is the length of a size 4 with her legs the length of a 12 month size. Kind of crazy.
  • She has been playing a lot more with herself and her toys over the past few months which is exciting. It's really cute to hear her talking to her dolls and stuffed animals and taking care of them. It's also funny when she does the same things with the cars that the boys from upstairs leave in the backyard. The other day she put one of the cars in a swing and was trying to swing the car like we swing her. Pretty silly.
  • She loves helping to do things around the house. She will help with laundry (putting in and taking out of the dryer), dishes (Ked lifts her up and lets her put the plastic dishes and silverware in the drainer after they have been washed and rinsed), and cooking (she really likes mixing things in a bowl). I've been trying to do more fun and exciting things with her during the days and so we have been cooking more. Some of the things she has enjoyed making the most are oatmeal muffins with chocolate chips and sugar cookies we frosted for Valentine's Day (although she mostly just ate the frosting and decorations off of those). 
Reading in her giraffe chair