03 July 2012

I Forgot My Life's Mission

So, I occasionally look through my old childhood papers and grade school homework. I found a page in a book from 1990, when I was seven years old. Can you read what I wanted to be?


It should be spelled "Double Agent." Wow. I used to dream big. What happened? Where's my trenchcoat, fedora, Walther PPK, and oddly shaped briefcase? Oh how the mighty have fallen.

01 July 2012

Latest Art Project

Maybe not as compact and as light as I would like, but it works. Maybe I'll use this for more home use and get something smaller for plein air trips.

This box was a D.I. find from my mother-in-law.  I attached a board on the bottom with threaded nut for tripod attachment.

Adventurer Marionette

This is the plywood body with fully functioning joints. I re-made some of the legs and arms several times to get the joints right. In the future I would like to completely carve one from wood. I later covered this with foam to add bulk.

My first head made of sculpey. I re-sculpted because I needed a better core. For the core I drilled holes in a golf ball and ran wire through. Then clay was wrapped around and my new head sculpted. After firing and painting I attached the strings to the wires coming out of the head. I did the core this way so the strings would pull on the core and not on the actual sculpey.

I liked my first head better, but oh well. Here is the final painting job.

All in all he is over a foot tall. Madeleine and I sewed pants, shirt, and vest. We tried using some leather to make a leather coat, but it wasn't working so we left the arms off and he has a vest instead. I need to make new hands and maybe a new vest to have him be the way I want him, but this was enough for class.

29 June 2012

Random Events of the Past Few Months

Here are a few of the things that have been happening over the past few months.

1.  Mairead keeps growing (obviously). She has been sitting up for a few months and is really good at it now.  She sits and stretches in every direction to get her hands on whatever she wants.

This is just a cute picture I took of her a few months ago

When she first started sitting up on her own, about a month and a half ago

2. We had an intense rain and hail storm. The hail was about the size of a marble. That was the one and only storm we had this spring and we haven't had any precipitation since. We are desperately in need of some rain.

Some of the hail in the entryway of the downstairs door
3. We went to the zoo! It was the opening day of the new Rocky Shores enclosure and that was fun too see. I think that was my favorite part. I also liked the Asian Highlands part because I hadn't ever seen it. It had been a long time since I went to the zoo and a lot has changed. Mairead enjoyed the zoo and even took two naps in the stroller. Unfortunately we didn't take many pictures, but we had a good time.

I like her cute little smile. She really was enjoying it!
4. We had an amazing view of the "ring of fire" eclipse right in our own backyard. We looked at it through welding helmets and it worked great. Also, the light filtering through the trees did a cool thing that showed a bunch of little mini-eclipses on the side of the house. Very cool.

Not quite all the way to the "ring of fire" yet

The cool mini-eclipses on the house

The "ring of fire"

27 June 2012

Top Events of the Past Two Years

So we have a blog. During the construction of said blog, I came across the word hebdomadal which means weekly. It also happens to start with the letter 'h' which fits quite well with Hamblin and happenings (what can I say, I like alliteration). It also corresponds to a good format for my posts, writing weekly updates on the top events in our lives. Since we are a little late in jumping on the band wagon I thought I would start out with a post highlighting the top events of the past two years (or really 1 2/3 since I am starting with when we got married). Here they are:

1. We got married. October 8, 2010. It was a great day.
2. We moved down to Cedar City from Provo in July 2011. Ked started taking art classes at SUU and working. I worked for a few months until . . .
3. Mairead was born November 30, 2011.

I think that covers the major events. More recent and detailed updates to follow. Hopefully in a hebdomadal fashion.